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Accenos is a consultancy that has helped develop a very large share of large (from 50MNOK to above 100MNOK per project) Norwegian approved R&D projects in later years.

In EU's Horizon program, we have aided above 50% of approved Norwegian-led large projects (using a +50MNOK per project to Norwegian partners metric, and excluding non-grant investments).

In national (Norwegian) projects we have aided a large share (around 20% of accepted projects) in the largest national industry-oriented R&D grants of similar size (+50MNOK per project to Norwegian partners, in Grønn Plattform and Katapult).   

We take on very few new clients as we only have one writing team and also have our own R&D projects to work on, but we always listen to pitches for new projects.


Contact information:, +47 907 11111 (Pål Vigmostad)  

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